Sockey salmon migrating in the Adams River - Fall 2014. Photo Credit: A.S. Wright

BC Salmon Trail

UNINTERRUPTED delivers a wild BC river to downtown Vancouver. Now take to the road and see a salmon migration up close!

Immerse yourself in the salmon migration across BC. Here’s how:

Struggling against insurmountable odds, one out of every four thousand eggs laid in the Adams River lives to return to the Adams River as a spawning adult. Experience the majesty, beauty and tragically poignant life of the Pacific Sockeye Salmon and attend the Salute to the Sockeye celebration at Roderick Haig Brown Park.

Journey to the Adams River.


From late summer until early winter B.C.’s rivers turn into a viewing place for one of our province’s natural icons: the salmon! Making their way back to their places of birth to spawn, when the spawning runs are at their peak they are a spectacular sight. Even when they’re not, and there might only be, oh, a few hundred salmon swimming around, it’s still a great reason to make your way to the edge of a river to check out this wonder of nature.

Discover 8 Amazing BC Rivers to Spot Salmon Spawning.


It’s hard to quantify the enormous impact a simple fish has had on the Aboriginal peoples of British Columbia. But the salmon has been a vital part of First Nations diet, economy and mythology for centuries. Hear Elder Ralph Phillips of the Xat’sull First Nation talk about how the fish has sustained First Nations communities since time immemorial in a video from Aboriginal Tourism BC and consider an experience with Xwisten Experience Tours.

Meet and local legend: The Salmon

We’re keen to include more locations along BC’s Salmon Trail.  Where have you witnessed a wild salmon migration? Share your suggestion on social media @UninterruptedCA #SalmonSocial.


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