The River and the Bridge - Now in Virtual Reality On-Location

UNINTERRUPTED – now in virtual reality – brings the beauty and struggle of a salmon migration to the heart of the city.  The original 2017 edition of UNINTERRUPTED  projected the salmon’s homeward journey on a city bridge. Several years in the making, the intent was to generate reflection on the impact of our urban footprint.  This summer, the salmon and the bridge are being transported to communities throughout Metro Vancouver,  packed into a shared VR experience for small outdoor audiences.

Salmon are at the heart of the Pacific ecosystem in so many ways. They are an essential building block – salmon support animals such as whales and bears –  and forests; they are deeply embedded in the lives and culture of First Peoples, and infused in the food, culture, art, and industries of cities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Salmon are also closer than we think  – often just a whisper away, gliding through a local urban stream.  That means they’re also vulnerable to the impact of cities in ways we often don’t realize.

This summer we’re also working with community stewardship organizations to highlight salmon in our cities, as we present the on-location virtual reality (VR) experience in local neighbourhoods.  We hope you’re captivated and more than a little curious about how salmon influence your life.

Virtual Reality – Summer 2021 Tour Highlights

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