Uninterrupted cinematographers in the Adams River near Salmon Arm BC

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UNINTERRUPTED: From the heart of the river to the heart of the city – and now this summer, the journey heads to communities throughout Metro Vancouver as an outdoor virtual reality experience.  Sign up to get more details  & check out these videos from our original production in 2017!


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In 2017, UNINTERRUPTED transformed the Cambie Bridge to immerse viewers in a journey that has been repeated in B.C. waters for millennia. Over the course of the summer an audience of 30,000 “travelled” upstream – with silver Sockeye turning to crimson as they returned to their freshwater birthplace to spawn.  It’s a natural cycle that has nourished land, water, animals, and people, but faces growing threats from human intervention. Now in 2021, we’re mobile – and


UNINTERRUPTED blends cinematic storytelling and high-tech art installation – and in 2017 it brought the mystery of the salmon run to the heart of Vancouver. The stunning images were digitally mapped and projected on the bridge surfaces – creating a half-hour of captivating cinema and sound that revealed nature’s resilience and vulnerability.

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The UNINTERRUPTED experience continues, with stories about the people and organizations working to preserve salmon habitat. Learn why salmon are the bedrock of life in B.C., and how much they influence our culture, environment, health, and economy. Learn how you can make a difference in your own community.

UNINTERRUPTED encourages viewers of all ages to consider the intimate connections between people and the environment. UNINTERRUPTED celebrates salmon and the rich beauty of life in B.C. – from the underside of a bridge to the wild riverbank.

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Photo courtesy of the Pacific Salmon Foundation

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Hello and goodbye to the Fry

A pick up truck parks by a small creek, with 25,000 fry in the back. Gently scooped with a net, the young chum salmon are placed in pails light enough for a child to carry. Small hands hold pails of water as small feet make their way to the nearby creek, and parents murmur encouragement.

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