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Nettie Wild, Director

In fall 2010, Vancouver director Nettie Wild stood on the banks of the Adams River, witnessing the salmon migration with thousands of visitors from around the world. This unforgettable experience sparked her imagination – and the inspiration for UNINTERRUPTED.

The unique work, originally projected on the Cambie Bridge and now in virtual reality, reflects her passion to experiment with form and evolve her artistic practice. Nettie recently received an honorary doctorate from Emily Carr University, recognizing her lifelong commitment and contribution.

She is one of Canada’s leading documentary filmmakers, and a principal of Canada Wild. Her highly charged and critically acclaimed films have brought audiences behind the frontlines and headlines of revolutions and social change worldwide.

Nettie is best known for her award-winning documentary features: KONELĪNE: our land beautiful (2016), FIX: The Story of an Addicted City (2002), A Place Called Chiapas (1998), Blockade (1993), and A Rustling of Leaves: Inside the Philippine Revolution (1988).
Her more recent work explores new forms of storytelling: Bevel Up (2007) is a groundbreaking documentary and interactive DVD, and Inside Stories (2011) offers a multi-platform web experience.
With UNINTERRUPTED, Nettie uses architectural forms and digital mapping to bring the journey of wild salmon to an urban Vancouver bridge.

Nettie’s films have been distributed theatrically and broadcast in Canada and internationally. She has been honoured at film festivals around the world and has twice won the Genie Award for Best Feature Documentary in Canada. Among other honours, she has won Best Feature Documentary from the International Documentary Association and top honours from the Forum of New Cinema at the Berlin International Film Festival.
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Betsy Carson, Producer

Betsy Carson has worked closely with Nettie Wild for many years as a principal in Canada Wild. An award-winning producer, executive producer and director with more than 25 years of experience, Betsy managed all the complex aspects required for the 2017 UNINTERRUPTED production and post-production, in order to project a 25-minute cinematic spectacle across an entire city bridge - and now the 2021 virtual reality edition.

Betsy’s recent projects also include KONELĪNE: our land beautiful (2016) and The New Corporation, a follow-up film to Mark Achbar, Joel Bakan and Jennifer Abbot’s 2002 documentary. Recently released films include Occupy Love (executive producer), director Velcrow Ripper’s film about the Occupy movement; Waking the Green Tiger (producer), director Gary Marcuse’s film about the rise of an environmental movement in China; Surviving Progress, (executive producer), directed by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks, based on Ronald Wright’s book A Short History of Progress; and War in the Mind (producer), director Judy Jackson’s exploration of PTSD in the military.

She has produced most of Nettie’s feature documentaries and collaborated on films that have won more than 40 national and international awards and honours – including Genie and Gemini Awards, and awards from the American Film Institute, Berlin, Hot Docs, IDA, Prism, Grantham, and humanities and environmental awards.

Betsy was a Vice Chair of The Documentary Organization of Canada for six years and continues to serve on DOC advocacy committees.
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Rae Hull, Producer

In early 2014, Canada Wild invited Rae to join in the adventure of realizing the unprecedented UNINTERRUPTED.
Rae has created media projects that have been recognized nationally and internationally for their innovation - focussing on the use of media and art to create collaborative forms of engagement with the public, often on a very large scale.

She has brought multiple stakeholders together to realize both the 2017 and 2021 editions of UNINTERRUPTED, and also developed the community blueprint that is part of the project. including the creative development of uninterrupted.ca and public engagement features related to the project

In earlier work with the 2010 Winter Olympics, Rae led a team that created a series of digital art program streams connecting people across the country and around the globe winning national and international praise. As a senior executive at the CBC, and an early digital pioneer, she developed the concept for ZeD, and led the team that earned an Emmy nomination as one of the world’s first multi-platform interactive television series.

With a background in journalism and broadcasting, and multiple awards, Rae has writing, directing and producing credits on networks such as CBC, CTV, PBS, History and Discovery Channels. She has a BA in Journalism from Ryerson University and an MA in Intercultural Communication Studies.
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Michael Brockington, Editor

Michael Brockington has collaborated with Nettie on her films for many years, and on the creative realization of both editions of UNINTERRUPTED. For KONELINE: our land beautiful, he received a Canadian Screen Award nomination. Michael has been editing in Vancouver since 1995, working on indie features including Eve & the Fire Horse (Special Jury Award winner, 2006 Sundance Film Festival), On the Corner (Canada’s Top Ten, 2003), and Protection (2001), as well as documentaries (Bone, Wind, Fire, Carts of Darkness, and Bevel Up), series TV (Alienated II), short dramas and performance films.

Michael has won Leo Awards for editing Eve & the Fire Horse (feature drama) and Island of Shadows (documentary), and picked up a Gemini nomination for his work on the Carts of Darkness documentary. He has also directed a handful of short films, and was credited as co-director on the recent documentary The Edge of the World. Michael is a graduate of the film production program at Simon Fraser University, where he worked for several years as a research assistant in the field of robot vision.
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James Acres

Systems Architect - VR

Elie Zananiri

VR Technology Director

Anthony Diehl

Chief Technologist 2017

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Athan Merrick

Director of Photography

Nic Teichrob


Owen Belton


Daniel Pellerin

Re-recording Mixer

Velcrow Ripper

Soundscape Designer

Jay White


VR Production

Michelle Oliver
VR 3D Designer
Siyuan Qiu
VR Developer
Meehae Song
VR-Technology Consultant


Sara Bailey
Art Direction
Jai Djwa
Creative Technologist
Rae Hull
Concept Dev’t/ Writing
Megan McLellan
2021 Photography
Sarah Sayyari
2021 Research/ Writing
Sean Embury
2017 Production
Steve McKay
2017 Production
Cheri Hansen
2017 Writing


Jen Fritz
Trevor Jurgens
Social media, Partnerships
Delaney Steel

On Location 2021

Zoë Braithwaite
Exhibition Host
Reilly Ellis
Production Assistant
Reagan Jade
Production Assistant
Colette McIsaac
Operations Coordinator
Kimira Reddy
VR Technical Operator
Jasmin Sandhu
Staging Manager
Janelle Wong-Moon
Ticketing Manager

Subject Area Experts

Rebecca Campbell
Indigenous Cultural Liaison 2021
Chastity Davis
Indigenous Cultural Liaison 2017
ZoAnn Morten
Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
Dr. Brian Riddell
Science Advisor, PSF

Add’l Video

Mario Cyr
Grant Baldwin
Michael McKinlay
Dhruv Dhawan
Enrique del Rio
Luke T. Campbell
Jordan Manley
Derek Branscombe

Add’l Post-Production &Design

Andrea Chlebak
Chris Davies
Scott McKenzie
Sam Trounce
Tom Wu
Heather Neale
Terry Sunderland

Add’l Web, Photography, & Promotion

Dominique Brechault
Freny Ferns
Oleg Goltsev
Michael JP Hall
Andrew Huculiak
Beau LLewelyn
Joanne Pearce
Milena Salazar
Kirk Tougas
Sophie Woodroofe

On Location 2017

Hilary Davis
Galia Goodwin
Ingrid Turk


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