New Journey for UNINTERRUPTED in 2021

Bringing the heart of the river to more cities First off – we hope you’re all keeping well, especially now that flu season has arrived to join the pandemic. As with so many events this summer, plans for an encore presentation of UNINTERRUPTED on Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge had to be halted due to Covid-19. But……

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Summer Sampler: A few of the highlights

It began with one person riveted by a spectacle that has taken place – uninterrupted – in BC rivers for millions of years. Director Nettie Wild’s artistic intuition told her that the salmon migration she’d witnessed could – and should – be shared with a wider public audience. That led to a small team exploring…

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Creating UNINTERRUPTED: Stories from the River to the Bridge

Pacific salmon – specifically Sockeye – are the starring characters of UNINTERRUPTED with Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge in a key supporting role. This cinematic spectacle is one of the most complex digital projections worldwide. The big reason is the combination of the 3-D projection surface of the bridge (which has a day job as a piece…

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From First Dates to Families, UNINTERRUPTED Delights!

The term something for everyone is cliche, so let’s try this: UNINTERRUPTED offers “salmon” for everyone. Whatever your priorities this summer, this free cinematic spectacle celebrating the iconic Pacific salmon will not disappoint. Make it a memorable first date in Vancouver. Make it a digital date night. It is a big question at this time…

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Inspired by a bike ride and a riverbank

In 2010, when filmmaker Nettie Wild stood on the banks of the Adams River watching sockeye salmon migrate, she knew instantly that she wanted to share this incredible spectacle with other city dwellers. The question was, how?