Pacific salmon – specifically Sockeye – are the starring characters of UNINTERRUPTED with Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge in a key supporting role.

This cinematic spectacle is one of the most complex digital projections worldwide. The big reason is the combination of the 3-D projection surface of the bridge (which has a day job as a piece of working urban architecture) and the use of documentary footage captured in the wild.

The salmon you see in UNINTERRUPTED were filmed in three BC rivers over a number of years. They are not computer generated animations, and wild salmon intent on their journey do not take direction!  That only added to the many complexities of editing the material to make the most of the bridge pillars and the almost one kilometre-long undercarriage.  The viewing area for the nightly shows is also a playground and busy urban park area tucked right underneath the bridge.

What it took to bring the park, the bridge, and the salmon together is a tale that also has a great cast of characters. We can’t introduce you to everyone who is part of this multi-faceted project but in the final days leading up to our launch, we caught up with many who have been at the heart of it all.

Hear about their moments of inspiration and the challenges involved, in this series of short vignettes:






Technical Director


Music & Soundscape

Audience Experience


You can also read about our team members, and the many partners and companies involved in the production of Uninterrupted, and Most of the companies and creative team are Vancouver-based.

Plus, if you’d like to find out more about our starring characters (and we hope you do) we’ve created an interactive experience so you can follow the extraordinary journey of Pacific salmon yourself.

Their river-ocean voyage takes several years – yours will take less than 10 minutes. Then you can add your name to be projected on the Cambie Bridge.