The Spirit of the River: Dr. Mary Thomas

Occasionally you’ll hear a voice in the soundscape of UNINTERRUPTED, woven in amongst the instrumentation and natural sounds of the original score composed by Owen Belton. The voice is a recording of renowned Neskonlith elder and ethnobotanist, Dr. Mary Thomas sharing a story about salmon in her first language, Secwepemcstin. A young child in the…

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Young stream explorer launches wildlife channel

Luka Kovacic has been fascinated by Stoney Creek and the wildlife it supports since he learned to walk. When he isn’t at school, twelve-year-old Luka walks along the creek, observing the birds, amphibians and reptiles, or he wades through the shallow waters to catch a close up glimpse of the fish. “The creek is full…

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Rock Star of the Ecosystem (salmon shareable)

It’s not just bears, whales and humans that love Pacific Salmon. The impact of these resilient but vulnerable creatures is in the soil we walk on, the air we breathe, the cities we live in – and all up and down the food chain. Research points to over 130 species that rely on Pacific Salmon…

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Salmon Exhibit Swims into Sooke on Vancouver Island

A curator with the Sooke Region Museum takes a deep dive into the region’s history to create a new exhibit, Seeking Salmon and finds out just how much salmon have influenced the course of human history in the region – and vice versa.

Just Give Me A Rock

The volunteers have learned a lot in the last 30 years – about ecoystems and the way in which hundreds of natural elements intersect. “Give me a rock and I can now talk for hours.” Zo Ann says, picking up a rock and pointing to the significance of a miniscule creature found on its underside.

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Think of the Discover Salmon section at as a pool of stories to dabble in – plus it’s a pathway to great organizations with a wealth of information and research already available online about wild salmon and their importance.