UNINTERRUPTED immerses audiences in the journey of wild Pacific salmon using breathtaking cinematography that appears above, behind and in front of spectators as they watch from Coopers’ park underneath the Cambie Bridge.

There’s not a word of narration in the 25-minute spectacle – only an original soundtrack — and a chorus of oohs and aaahs from the audience.

We like to think of that chorus as the language of awe – because wherever you’re from and whatever language you happen to speak you can appreciate the spectacle and the story of UNINTERRUPTED. We’re delighted to see audiences of all ages – and from all over the world – oohing and aahing at the event this summer. No translation required!

The power of UNINTERRUPTED has also attracted some high-profile international attention. Wallpaper*, the prestigious design magazine has named us in their 2017 worldwide list of must-see outdoor art installations – the only Canadian work to receive the nod this year.

“In a neighbourhood of residential towers that once teemed with salmon.. the film is pure visual theatre: ghosts of the creek’s pre-industrial past.”

UNINTERRUPTED brings salmon back to the heart of a city, and a province that used to enjoy many more wild salmon runs.

In fact, wild salmon were once a sight that inspired awe throughout the world. Their ancient lineage in rivers and streams from Asia to Europe made salmon a part of the mythology of many world cultures. The memory of them remains even as the salmon themselves have dwindled and disappeared in several countries over the last few hundred years.

BC is one of a handful of places worldwide that still has wild salmon runs in some abundance, even though many runs in the province are now also at risk.

The experience of lost salmon around the globe, and in our own backyard lies at the heart of UNINTERRUPTED and its call to action — help keep the cycle uninterrupted – wherever wild salmon and their timeless cycle of nature remain.

If you’d like to find out more about the extraordinary journey of wild salmon – you can take our 10 minute interactive journey – and then sign up to have your name on the Cambie Bridge as a salmon supporter.

Take the journey.

Read what Wallpaper* said about UNINTERRUPTED.