Frequently Asked Questions

From July 1 to Sept 30 you can enjoy showings at the Fraser River Discovery Centre.  Two showings daily, five seats per showing so it’s best to register in advance here

788 Quayside Dr. New Westminster, right opposite the New Westminster skytrain station.


What is it?
Our visual and sound experience—takes place inside a VR headset.  Unlike most VR, which is a solitary experience, Synchronized VR is a way of sharing a virtual reality experience so a small group of people can be immersed in the experience together.

What do I need to know if I haven’t used VR before?
VR can be a little disorienting if you’re trying it for the first time.  However, UninterruptedVR is a very gentle virtual reality experience that thousands of people have enjoyed, including first-timers without any discomfort.

Occasionally, VR can create a sense of motion sickness.  In the unlikely event that you do start to feel uncomfortable you can let our staff know, or try closing your eyes and remain still for a moment until it passes.

A very small proportion of the visual effects may also affect people who have a predisposition toward seizures.

In addition, it’s important to note that the headsets can be heavy for some people. We ask that you be aware of your physical limitations as UninterruptedVR encourages the movement of your torso, head and neck so you can enjoy the 360° experience. To make it easier your chair will swivel with you.

Are there age restrictions?
We recommend children be over the age of 9. Younger children unfamiliar with VR may have difficulty interpreting the images.  The headsets can also be a little heavy for them.

How does it work?
We have 20 VR headsets that are wirelessly connected by a local area network to a central computer. Unlike a “traditional” movie experience, we use 3D in VR.  UNINTERRUPTED places you in the middle of a unique experience – a wild, wondrous river and salmon swimming a city bridge –  where you can be immersed in the timeless nature of a salmon migration without leaving your seat.

Can I wear my glasses?
Yes, but if you have large frames they may not fit. If you have a smaller pair, bring those. Distance glasses only – your readers won’t work for VR.

Is it the same as 2017 when it was under the Cambie Bridge?
In 2017, Uninterrupted was a site-specific public art event. Hundreds of people gathered nightly underneath the Cambie Bridge to watch the show after dusk. Now the bridge and the river intersect in virtual reality.  While you’re immersed, you’re alone under the bridge even though you’re enjoying the experience with others.

How long is the show? 25 minutes plus a little extra time for fitting your headset.

Is the show offered in other languages?
Uninterrupted has a great soundtrack and no narration, so there are no language barriers. The initial instructions before the VR showing begins, are in English.



How do you clean the headsets?
We have state of the art equipment called Cleanbox—a smart tech hygiene device that uses UVC medical grade quality light to decontaminate the headsets.

Due to the delicacy of the headsets, we cannot use any alcoholic wipes on the mask. Therefore, we ask that participants wear little or no face makeup and remove any sunscreen before putting on the VR headsets.




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