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Coming June 28th to Vancouver, BC

UNINTERRUPTED will bring the heart of a wild salmon-bearing river to the heart of the city by transforming a downtown Vancouver bridge in the summer of 2017.

After dusk, audiences will witness the extraordinary migration of wild Pacific salmon in a 30-minute cinematic spectacle that explores the connection between nature and our urban environments.

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Why such a big screen for salmon?

Wild salmon are a major building block within the Pacific ecosystem – if you live in BC or the Yukon that’s your neighbourhood. These amazing fish are intimately connected to our lives and our western landscape in ways we rarely consider. Uninterrupted brings the beautiful struggle of a salmon migration to the heart of the city, encouraging everyone to think about the connections between people, animals, and the environment – and to take action in our own communities. We hope you’re captivated and more than a little curious about how salmon influence your life. Learn more

Inspired by a bike ride and a riverbank

In 2010, when filmmaker Nettie Wild stood on the banks of the Adams River watching sockeye salmon migrate, she knew instantly that she wanted to share this incredible spectacle with other city dwellers. The question was, how?

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